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Post-Sales Operations.
Customer Experience.
Strategic Planning.

Grow your business with effective and efficient post-sales operations that drive real business results. 

Data-driven Design

Scalable Solutions

Collaborative Approach

Who We Are

  • Passionate about customers and the teams who serve them

  • Experts in B2B SaaS post-sales lifecycle 
    (Onboarding, retention,  expansion, and support)

  • Creative problem solvers who examine ALL operating levers  

  • Scrappy and practical operators who move quickly with solutions that scale



Customer Experience

Post-Sales Operations

Strategic Planning  

Are you maximizing the business potential of your current customers? Do you have the right listening points in place to capture their voice?

We work with organizations to diagnose and discover opportunities to improve customer adoption, retention, and expansion that drive meaningful top-line growth.
Do you have visibility to the performance of your post-sale operations?  Do you have clarity on the most efficient levers to retain your existing customers?

We work with organizations to build and execute roadmaps that drive more effective, consistent, and efficient teams and results.
Is your organization moving with clarity towards a common goal?  Does your strategy translate to each team’s day-to-day priorities?
We work with organizations to build data-driven strategies with measurable goals that are connected to actionable execution plans.  

Example Deliverables

  • 360 degree CX journey map

  • Churn driver assessment

  • NPS analysis
    (Promoter & detractor drivers)

  • Internal process audit
    (efficiency and alignment to goals)

  • Ideal customer profile and segmentation

Example Deliverables

  • Comprehensive metrics & goals refresh

  • Churn reduction & renewal playbooks

  • Resourcing plans w/ financial ROI

  • Team roles and responsibilities

  • Low & high-touch customer comm.

  • Culture of continuous improvement

  • Performance management systems

Example Deliverables

  • Mission, Visions, and Values statements

  • Strategic priorities and goals

  • Prioritized initiatives tied to strategic plan

  • Project management for critical "can't miss" initiatives

About Us

Brendan Lippman

Founder and Principal Consultant

​Brendan has more than 20 years of experience serving as an advisor and operator for startups to Fortune 500 corporations.  Most recently, he built out the post-sales strategy and operations at a high-growth B2B SaaS startup that grew nearly 4x over 2.5 years.  Prior to this, he was a strategy consultant at Bain & Company and then led the corporate strategy team for a $500M media technology company.

Brendan attended the University of Michigan where he earned his MBA and holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University.  He currently resides in Denver with his wife and 2 sons.

  • 20 years in B2B technology and healthcare leadership

  • 10 years driving customer ops changes in orgs from 100-10K across multiple customer segments (SMB to Enterprise)

  • 5 years corporate strategy (Bain + in-house)

  • LinkedIn


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